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Meet the Hubbleton Crew

What started out as a hobby in the basement in 1994 morphed into a retirement project in June 2015 when Dan, our Brewmaster, started renovating his small 24ft x 24ft pole barn on his property. After 1 1/2 years of building out the building by hand after getting home from work and on weekends, the ground work was set and Hubbleton Brewing Company was ready to open!

After the first batch of beer was brewed in March 2017, things slowly started picking up, word started spreading more and more, and by October 2017 his son Mike came on board full-time to help sell and distribute. Little did we know where it would go from there.

Since October 2017, we've tripled the size of our facility, tripled production, added our Production Manager Tom to the team, made tons of memories and met some awesome people along the way. Hopefully someday, we can meet you too!

Hand Built From Day One

When the initial renovations for what was supposed to be a retirement hobby for our Brewmaster, Dan, started in June of 2015, he would get done with his job for the day, come home, pour a beer, and start working on his project out here late into the evening. This entailed everything from extending the building 8 feet on both ends so it could house all the initial equipment, framing the building out, insulating, wiring, building the bar, and lots more as everything started to come together. Little did we know that this hand-built approach would carry on as we expanded and grew.

Our first offical expansion started in June of 2018 since we very quickly ran out of room after thing started to grow. We connected the current brewery to another existing building in close proximity to make more room for bottling, packaging, and more fermentation space. Two months after we started construction, it was finished and ready to fill with equipment! And within 3 weeks, it was full... and we were out of room again!

This led us to our latest expansion: The Indoor Beer Garden!

After the three of us went off to the Great American Beer Fest in 2019, we returned and realized that we needed even more room so we could make more beer and provide the same awesome experience that our outdoor Beer Garden all year long. With that in mind, we started in on finishing out the remaining 75% of the building we had previously connected to starting in Early October of 2019 and within two months, it was finished! We started to pack lots of fun toys into it, more storage space, and opened it officialy to the public the following February!

From here, we'll continue to grow, create an even better experience for you while you're here, and build more things as time goes on!

Our Taproom

Open Every Weekend!

Friday: 4pm - 9pm | Saturday: 1pm - 9pm | Sunday: 1pm - 5pm

A Great Time in the Middle of Nowhere

What started out as a small, three seater Taproom for locals and friends to come out and enjoy a few pints on the weekend quickly grew, just like the rest of the business!

We now have 10+ beers on tap at any given time, we're now open all weekend long, host live music during the spring, summer, and fall, as well as private events, and much more! Not only do we have a 1,500 Square Ft. outdoor Beer Garden with lots of seating and games to enjoy with a nice beer, but a 1,600 Square Ft. indoor Beer Garden with a pool table, fooseball, darts, giant Jenga, and lots more!

We'd love to see you out here sometime so we can show you what we've done and where we're going in the future!

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Upcoming Events!

We'll be hosting free outdoor music all summer long at our New Taproom in Downtown Hubbleton! Below are the dates and artists that will be playing, so if you're looking for fun, outdoor things to do, we've got you covered!

2023 Downtown Taproom
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